High-voltage commutators


High-voltage commutator
KVU-100 commutator


High-voltage KVU-type commutators are intended for switching pulse currents 10 – 400 kA at operating voltages 0.5 - 100 kV in capacitor banks.

The commutator allows to form a pulse voltage on load with a delay not more than 2 μs after an optical triggering impulse with rate of current rising up to 10 kA/μs. The commutator is made of modern element base with high-current triggered vacuum switchers (TVS), high-speed control optical elements and high-speed MOSFET and IGBT-transistors.

Range of application of high-voltage commutators: power supply systems for pulse loads, high-speed protection systems of consumers at emergency operation (from short-circuit currents), crowbar switching.

Different voltage and current models of KVU-type commutators are presented in the following table.

Model KVU-60 KVU-100
Electric parameters
Rated voltage, kV 0.5-60 0.5-100
Rated current, kA 10-300 10-400
Maximum charge per impulse, C 160 160
Electrical strength recovery time, us 100 100
Auxiliary power supply voltage, V 12 V battery
Optical parameters
Type of the optical transmitter HFBR1412TZ (AVAGO)
Type of the optical receiver HFBR2412TZ (AVAGO)
Optical patchcord 62,5/125 μm MM, connectors ST-ST, simplex, 0,5 m, 0,8 m
Mechanical parameters
Design Working position vertical, cooling - air
Stability for mechanical influences М3 according GOST 17516.1-90
Dimensions, mm 316*316*670 316*316*950
Weight, kg 33 50
Protection against influence of an environment and from contact with current carrying circuits Protection level IP01 according GOST 14254-96
Climatic modification

All-climatic modification according

GOST 15543.1-89

Interval of working temperatures from 0 up to + 40 °С
Calculated service life
Semiconductor devices Not less than 100 hundred hours
Triggered vacuum switches* 50000 pulses

*. It is calculated with algorithm depending on current value.