Optical pulse shaper

optical pulse shaper

The optical pulse shaper is intended for triggering of the triggered vacuum switches (TD-6/1000). The optical pulse shaper is connected with triggering unit with optical cable which provides galvanic insulation of circuitry. Power supply of the generator is provided with 4 type AA batteries..

optical pulse shaper

Characteristics of the optical pulse shaper

Power of an output optical pulse, dBm (uW) -20…-13 (10…50)
Working length of a wave of an optical pulse, nm 820
Amplitude of triggering pulse, V 5-30
Duration of triggering pulse, not less, us 3
Supply voltage, V 4.5-6 (4 АА batteries)
Size dimensions W*H*L, mm 181*33*65
Weight, kg 0.3

The order of operation:

1. Connect optical cable to the triggering unit and to the optical pulse shaper.

2. Connect external control electrical cable to the optical pulse shaper.