Triggered vacuum switch RVU-101


RVU-101 appearance

Triggered vacuum switch RVU-101
Manufacture: JSC VEI-AVIS

A TVS consists of an electrode system and a shield system. Electrode system containing two main and one triggering electrode. A shield system protects the internal walls of the chamber from metallization through byproducts from main electrodes erosion. The triggering electrode is situated on one of the main electrodes but separated from it by means of a dielectric insert (the triggering gap). First main electrode without triggering gap is anod (positive). The second main electrode wich contains trigering gap is cathode (negative). For TVS initiating a triggering voltage impulse between cathode (-) and triggering electrode (+) must be applied. That impulse can be generated by triggering driver.


The RVU-101 characteristics

Operating voltage, kV 3-80
Operating current, kA 1-60
Maximum charge per impulse, C 5
Service life (switches) 5•104
Triggering current, not less than, A 300
Triggering current duration, us 0.2-10
Triggering voltage, kV 8
Ambient temperature, °С -40 до +100
 - diameter, mm 100
 - height, mm 346
Mass, kg 7